Saturday, May 24, 2008

The weekend

How is everones weekend going so far? I went to scrapbook last night and relized i needed to print a picture for one of the pages i was working on and could not get my printer hooked up to my laytop. It sucks. Ever since my computer fried and i've been using my laptop i can't get anything to work. O well i will have to wait untill the first when i print off a bunch of pictures. I'm going to be heading out to the mall in about an hour. need to take the bus from my house to the mall, to Joanns back to the mall and then back to my house. Inbetween i'm going to stop at Borders and read some of the scrapbooking magazines. I only am subsribed to one right at this moment, i sent in like 6 subscrepstion requests but i'm not sure what ones i will keep. Sara sent me a couple of old magazines and i really like simple scrapbooks so far, just now startted reading Mamory Makers, not sure about it yet. Anyways Evan is coming over so that i can help him clean out his truck before he goes and works on his car.

Bye for now

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