Friday, July 18, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008

check out these pictures

Check out this fox, it came right up to the car and just sat there while we were taking pictures it was great! and we say two black bears today and a Lynx today. Alex and I got out of the car and were standing on the side of the road taking pictures of the black bear down in the reaven, not sure if that was the smartest idea in the world but it was really kewl!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bear Photos

7/13 Day Seven: Right now I’m sitting in a cabin in Denali relaxing. This morning we went on the river boat ride to the Indian village and watched a bush pilot take off and land. We also say some world champion Iditarod dogs. It was a neat three hours. It was interesting to learn about the different customs and see some of the beadwork the women do. We also learned how they catch finish and smoke it during the summer and how they trap during the winter after leaving to boat we got something to eat and headed out of Fairbanks. Tonight we are in Denali and tomorrow we are going into the state park. We checked into our cabin and then did a little shopping; now we are just hanging out because we have to get up early tomorrow to catch the bus into the park. Will right more about the park tomorrow.

7/14 Day Eight: It is my birthday yeppie!! Today we went into Denali National park and say lots of Animals. We were about an hour into the park when the radio in the bus broke down, so we stoped at a rest stop and has to wait about an hour and half for the bus to be fixed so we were running behind all day but that was ok because we say Doll Sheep, Moose, Caribou, Grizzly Bears and a Wolf. There was one Grizzly Bear that was sitting on the side of the road asleep, I got some great pictures of him! Then we start driving along and here is a Wolf in the middle of the road and he comes trotting by my window. The tour guide and park ranger said it was unusual to see a Wolf. I would have to say it was a pretty good birthday even if we did not get back until 9 at night and left at 7 in the morning!

7/15 Day Nine/ 7/16 Day Ten: on Tuesday we drove from Denali to Tok, it was a long drive. We did go down the Denali highway, great views, but that was about it. Today we drove from Tok to WhiteHorse in the Yukon. There was a bear that crossed behind the car and his mamma was in the woods so that was really cool but we were driving to fast to get pictures. Then we stopped by a rest stop and right when we left there was a mamma bear and her two cubs that crossed right in front of the car so we stopped and got photos. They were not even 10 feet away from the car, it was really neat! We also say some moose. Other then that it was another long drive. I will also say that I would not suggest visiting Whitehorse there is nothing to do, and its so hot here. We went to Wal-Mart for fun tonight!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

more pictures


7/12 Day Six: Today we left Tuk and drove to North Pole Alaska. Along the way a Moose decided it was going to walk across the road in the middle of our car and stop on the other side so we got some great pictures of that. Man are they big. When we got to North Pole Alaska we stopped buy a Christmas building and mom bought me a sweatshirt that says North Pole Alaska on it, I also sent myself a postcard from there because it will have the North Pole post mark on it. After North Pole we drove into Fairbanks and went to a wildlife preserve were we say Moscox and Reindeer. After seeing the animals we drove to the gold mine were we toke a train up and say how they pan for gold and then we got to try it ourselves. I got $12 worth of gold; it was a lot of fun. After that we drove over to Pioneer Park and had a Salmon bake and walked around the park, it was huge. We did not see everything there was to see in the park but I got a lot of pictures of the places we did walk around at. Now we are at the hotel, and let me tell you its nice! I would say it’s a three or four star hotel; I can’t believe how nice it is. Tomorrow we get to go on the river boat ride and Indian village.


7/7 Day one: Right now we are sitting in a hotel room at Fraser Lake It’s been a long day driving and driving. We did stop by this really cool rest area, I think it was called the 108 mile, something I will have to upload the pictures tomorrow and find out the real name. It was neat it had these really old buildings, like a school house that you could look in and take pictures of the inside. Other then that we have been driving and driving, paid something like 5.50 a gallon for gas, everyone thinks the gas is bad at home trying coming here! WE are going to hit the boat tomorrow so that should be kewl. Anyways I’m off to lie down; I’ll try and update more when we acutely do something other then driving!

7/8 Day Two: Today we left Fraser Lake around 7am this morning and drove to Prince Rupert Were we caught the boat that is taking us through the inside passage. The boat is really neat and our cabin is big compared to what I thought it was going to be. It has a really great view out of our two windows that face the front of the boat. I have taken some great pictures so far on the boat and can’t wait until tomorrow when we are on it all day long. I’m hoping we get to see some wild life like bears or whales. They have nature talks and tonight I listened to some information on the inside passage. I did not know that technically the inside passage starts in the Puget Sound. It’s funny what information you learn while on vacation. Here are the ports we will go into to drop off and pick up passengers while we are on the boat, We started in Prince Rupert, then we head to Ketchikan, then on to Wrangell, Petersburg, Juneau, Haines and then the last stop is Skagway. That is were we are getting off at on Thursday morning. So far I have picked up one postcard for my scrapbook, one to send to Sara and some broachers of different places that I can use when doing my scrapbook. Well I’m off for tonight, the only plug in is in the bathroom and it will not hold my laptop so I don’t want to let the battery die before we get to Skagway.

7/9 Day Three: Here is a list of our port times and dates so I can remember them. All times are Alaskan.

Left Prince Rupert at 5:30 pm, on 7/8
Arrived in Ketchikan at 11:45 pm on 7/8 and left at 4:15 am on 7/9
Arrive in Wrangell at 10:15 am on 7/9 and left at 11:15 am
Arrive in Petersburg at 2:15 pm on 7/9 and leave at 3:15 pm
Arrive in Juneau at 11:55 pm on 7/9 and leave at 1:15 am on 7/10
Arrive in Haines at 5:45 am on 7/10 and leave at 7:15 am
Arrive in Skagway at 8:15 am on 7/10

We say 30+ Wales today. It was neat to watch them playing in the water. You could see the blow holes and the tails come out of the water when they were driving down deep. We also say some Sea Lions, Eagles and Proposes. When we were watching the Wales we were up front of the boat and they were coming in all around us, on both sides. It was neat to go back and forth from the different sides and watch them. We went through the Clarence Strait and Stikine Strait today also. That was cool, the boat was very close to the land and I got some great pictures. That is were we say most of the Eagles at. They were on the rocks, trees and in the sky. You could here them talking to each other. I thought it was the neatest sound. We got off the boat at Wrangell and did a little shopping; I got a 12x12 scrapbooking kit for the scrapbook I’m going to be doing. It has Alaska stickers, paper and die cuts. We stayed on the boat at Petersburg because the boat dock was about 2 miles from the town. We get into Juneau late tonight so we will proubly stay on the ship, I might get off and try to find a welcome to Juneau sign, I have not decided yet, and you never know I might be sleeping. Though when we pull into the ports the bow thrusters come on its really loud so you can’t really sleep through that. We also say the Sumdum Glacier. Love the name. All around it was a great day!

7/10 Day Four: We arrived in Skagway around 8:15 in the morning and parked at the hotel. We could not check in until later on in the day so we wondered around Skagway and did some shopping. I bought a couple of scrapbooking kits, a few souvenirs and a scrapbook. After shopping for a while we rested in the hotel then walked over to the train. The train ride up the Mountain was neat; I got some great pictures, a book, and some information for my scrapbook. Other then shopping and the train there is really nothing to do in Skagway.

7/11 Day Five: Before we left Skagway we went to the Gold Mine Cemetery and I got some pictures of some of the head stones. I got a picture of Soapy Smith’s grave and the grave of the guy who killed him. I’ll have to look up more information in him so I can do a scrapbooking page. I guess he was the outlaw in Skagway during the gold mining days. So we left Skagway this morning and were just driving along when we turn a corner and all of the sudden there is an Eagle in the middle of the road with his Breakfast. He was huge! Alex got some good pictures and I can’t wait to do a scrapbooking page about him. After that we just drove and drove all the way up to Tuk were I am right now. We stopped a few places along the way and I got some good pictures but mostly we just drove. Tomorrow we are going to the North Pole and then to Fairbanks, hopefully then I go post some pictures online!