Monday, May 26, 2008

scrapin weekend

i went through all of my scrapbooking supplies yesterday looking for a cornor rounder and relized i have way to much stuff for such a small room, i wish i could have a "real" scrapbooking room were i can spread out all of my supplies. I have done a few scrapbooking related items this weekend, i did my mini album of the Jacksonville FL zoo, a playing dress up page, and one of Damien sitting on this mini chair thing. I will post pictures sometime today or tommrow, i'm hoping to scrap a little more tonight after Evan and I go find his mom a birthday present. Her birtday is today. lukly i don't have to deal with that women any more. yes sara i will explane the next time we talk on the phone!

Anyways i went shopping yesterday and got two contanors from Joanns and some more of there people that is on sale for 6 for 96 cents. I'm thinking i might go back today and get some more. I also have a 50% coupon that i can use at Michelles, and i know Joann's takes them. I hope everone has a great day! Happy scrapin!

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