Wednesday, May 21, 2008

long time no post

hey everone, sorry that i have not been postting alot, i really have not done any scrapbooking lattly. I have gotten most of my swaps ready to go, will be sending them out on the second and i'm getting excitted to join new swaps. They have found a fracsor in my foot, re hurt it today so they think it just happend tonight, darn best friends! I can't really yell at him, he his sick. Well lets see scrapbook related i have been reading the magazines Sara sent me slowly and am enjoying the aritles, i have gotten some great ideas, one of them is to take pictures of five things you could not live without and do a scrappage about them. I have pictures so far of my computer, coffee, smokes, and books, startted cleaning up my scrap table so i can take pictures of that. I'm trying to quit smoking (don't worry we smoke outside) so i'm going to do this yearly and see what has changed ever year. I have also been thinking about what to do with all the pictures i take on my cell phone, i'm going to print thoughs off and make a page about them; there was also this article about a quesioner you can give people and then scrap about them. So i have ideas, i've also signed up for all of the mager scrapbooking magazines but i'm only going to be able to pick one. Thanks again sara for sending me these magazines! There great. Anyways i'm off to bed, hope everone has a great night! BTW I STILL CAN'T BELIVE DAVID COOK WON AMERICAN IDOL!! GOOD FOR HIM!

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