Saturday, July 12, 2008


7/12 Day Six: Today we left Tuk and drove to North Pole Alaska. Along the way a Moose decided it was going to walk across the road in the middle of our car and stop on the other side so we got some great pictures of that. Man are they big. When we got to North Pole Alaska we stopped buy a Christmas building and mom bought me a sweatshirt that says North Pole Alaska on it, I also sent myself a postcard from there because it will have the North Pole post mark on it. After North Pole we drove into Fairbanks and went to a wildlife preserve were we say Moscox and Reindeer. After seeing the animals we drove to the gold mine were we toke a train up and say how they pan for gold and then we got to try it ourselves. I got $12 worth of gold; it was a lot of fun. After that we drove over to Pioneer Park and had a Salmon bake and walked around the park, it was huge. We did not see everything there was to see in the park but I got a lot of pictures of the places we did walk around at. Now we are at the hotel, and let me tell you its nice! I would say it’s a three or four star hotel; I can’t believe how nice it is. Tomorrow we get to go on the river boat ride and Indian village.

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