Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bear Photos

7/13 Day Seven: Right now I’m sitting in a cabin in Denali relaxing. This morning we went on the river boat ride to the Indian village and watched a bush pilot take off and land. We also say some world champion Iditarod dogs. It was a neat three hours. It was interesting to learn about the different customs and see some of the beadwork the women do. We also learned how they catch finish and smoke it during the summer and how they trap during the winter after leaving to boat we got something to eat and headed out of Fairbanks. Tonight we are in Denali and tomorrow we are going into the state park. We checked into our cabin and then did a little shopping; now we are just hanging out because we have to get up early tomorrow to catch the bus into the park. Will right more about the park tomorrow.

7/14 Day Eight: It is my birthday yeppie!! Today we went into Denali National park and say lots of Animals. We were about an hour into the park when the radio in the bus broke down, so we stoped at a rest stop and has to wait about an hour and half for the bus to be fixed so we were running behind all day but that was ok because we say Doll Sheep, Moose, Caribou, Grizzly Bears and a Wolf. There was one Grizzly Bear that was sitting on the side of the road asleep, I got some great pictures of him! Then we start driving along and here is a Wolf in the middle of the road and he comes trotting by my window. The tour guide and park ranger said it was unusual to see a Wolf. I would have to say it was a pretty good birthday even if we did not get back until 9 at night and left at 7 in the morning!

7/15 Day Nine/ 7/16 Day Ten: on Tuesday we drove from Denali to Tok, it was a long drive. We did go down the Denali highway, great views, but that was about it. Today we drove from Tok to WhiteHorse in the Yukon. There was a bear that crossed behind the car and his mamma was in the woods so that was really cool but we were driving to fast to get pictures. Then we stopped by a rest stop and right when we left there was a mamma bear and her two cubs that crossed right in front of the car so we stopped and got photos. They were not even 10 feet away from the car, it was really neat! We also say some moose. Other then that it was another long drive. I will also say that I would not suggest visiting Whitehorse there is nothing to do, and its so hot here. We went to Wal-Mart for fun tonight!

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