Friday, November 13, 2009

Class Two At CKC Seattle

Boxer Scrapbooks Class
The next class I toke was at 11:10 on Friday and it was called Boxer Palooza. It was nice to have a break in between classes as I went shooping in the vendor fair and then went to my car and droped off my purcases then went to class! When I signed up for this class the description said it would be like walking into a scrapbook factory and getting free products! Well let me tell you, we did get a lot of free products but we also got a lot of tips and tricks on how to use the free product! Here is a list of product that I got from the class! (the best part was I did not have to do anything but take notes and get free stuff!!! Gotta love it!)

A cute carrying bag to hold all the product they gave me
A craft mate’s container
Paper all 12x12:
Totally turtles
Feelin’ froggy
Small turquoise dot
Turquoise gingham
Football talk
And Dinasaurs
The Spring 2009 Supplement catalog with some of there products
Flip Flop Fasteners
An example page of how to use some of the products we received in class (in color gotta love that!)
Ribbon and rickrack
Filling thingy (for chipboard)
Chipboard album with a kit on unique uses for chipboard and all the emelishments and paper to finish the chipboard album
CD Tin with a book called Canned Memories on how to use your tins and make beautiful gifts and keepsakes 6x6 12 month calendar with the letter and month stickers to use on it!
Dog bone paper clips
Book cards (5)
Book Pockets (3)

I also won a 15 dollar gift certificate in the store and that’s how I bought a second calander and all the other goodies listed abouve from Boxer Scrappbooks!

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